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Frequently Asked Questions:


1) What are your hours of operation?

Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CST. Exceptions: Closed December 24th 6:00 pm to December 26th 7:00 am CST, Closed December 31st 6:00 pm to January 1st 7:00 am CST

2) Are your prices in US dollars?

Yes, all prices appearing on the website are in United States Dollars.

3) How much does shipping cost?

There is a 15.00 USD shipping charge on all orders.

4) Do you ship to international locations?

Currently, we only ship products to the United States.

5) Is a prescription required?

Yes, just like your local pharmacy, the pharmacy dispensing your medication requires a valid prescription for your medications; it is required for all prescription medications in the USA. For your valid prescription to be accepted, it must be from a physician licensed to practice in your area of residence.

6) Why does a drug name differ in some countries and differ in The United States?

You'll notice some drugs outside the US have a different name than ones in the US. For example, Lexapro in the US is known as Cipralex in other countries. This is to do with how companies want to market their product in different countries, but the same active ingredient(s) is used and works in exactly the same way.

7) Is there a limit on how much I can purchase?

Yes. You can only purchase a maximum of a 3-month supply of each of your medications, provided that you have a valid prescription for the supply of that medication. If your physician writes a prescription for more than a 3-month supply, we can refill your prescription as the refills become due.

8) How long will it take to get my order?

All prescription and over-the-counter orders are processed within 5 business days. Once the package has shipped, please allow up to 7 - 20 business days for delivery.

9) What do you do with my personal information?

The personal information you give us will only be viewed by authorized employees of our company for the purpose of completing your order. We do not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others. In no way will we spam your email address or distribute to any companies who are associated with spamming.

10) Why do the pills/packaging I received look different than the ones I get from my local pharmacy?

The medication you order can look slightly different if it is sourced outside of the U.S. However, these products have the same active ingredient(s) and work in exactly the same way. In addition, the manufacturer may change the appearance of the pills / packaging for marketing purposes or availability of components, among other reasons, depending on the country in which it is manufactured, and all products sourced outside of the U.S. will list the weight and volume in Metric, but will correspond with the correct Imperial weight as per your order.

11) Can I combine my item with my Medicare co-pay?

Unfortunately, we cannot co-pay with your Medicare program; however, we can almost guarantee that we can save you more money than Medicare.

12) Do you have a referral program?

If a family member or friend is referred and they state your name while placing their order over the phone with one of our patient care representatives, $20 will be applied to their order as a discount, and the next time you place an order, a $20 discount will be applied to your order. You can refer as many people as you'd like and the more you refer, the more you save!